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To create the organization perspective as well as assignment happens true; Sharefaith is actually available regarding completely new situation as Position as Senior/Experienced UI/UX Designer Companies Sharefaith in Medford, OR 97504 in January 2018 with Medford, OR 97504 originate from January 2018. Everybody who's considering stuffing this kind of nonincome producing, you should attend this specific Position as Senior/Experienced UI/UX Designer Companies Sharefaith in Medford, OR 97504 in January 2018 January 2018 recruitment inside Medford, OR 97504. It's encouraged for many members to ready just about all necessary prerequisites because of this career recruitment method, for the reason that method will be needing one to give appropriate options which the firm wants due to this place. If you think that you will be one that can easily fill your specs, you can look at to see more info about Position as Senior/Experienced UI/UX Designer Companies Sharefaith in Medford, OR 97504 in January 2018 January 2018 in Medford, OR 97504 below.


Senior/Experienced UI/UX Designer

Company Sharefaith
Location Medford, OR 97504
Update 12 Day ago
Quick Summary of Job Listing: Sharefaith is looking to hire the full-time, in-house service of a seasoned, and highly skilled UI/UX Designer, to join our rockstar family of designers, developers, and world-changers at our headquarters in the city of Medford in stunning Southern Oregon.

Please answer the questions at the end of this job posting. If you fail to answer the questions or follow the instructions for applying, you’ll miss out and not be considered.

An Opportunity Like No Other:
Do you want to impact 200,000 ministries around the world and see them succeed in sharing the Gospel, creatively, with relevance and impact? Here at Sharefaith, you have the opportunity to use your skill set in a way that allows you to directly empower and equip churches globally through cutting edge media and technology solutions while working with a company that has a clear vision and trajectory. Everyone here is on the same page on why we exist, how we do it, and where we are going. It’s never a job. It’s a calling!

A Career You’ll Want to Stay in For the Long Run:
Sharefaith provides a stellar, fast-paced workplace where everyone employed is making a difference they can see and feel, on a professional and personal level, daily. With competitive compensation, top-tier benefits, and one-of-a-kind culture, you’ll have plenty of opportunities to grow and challenge yourself, while always learning and fostering new skills along the way. The word “dead-end” simply does not exist in our team vocabulary. We dream big, operate big, and have big expectations. This mentality fuels our tomorrows with hope and opportunity and that’s why we can't wait to get to work the next day.

A Culture That Will Change the Way You Work:
Sharefaith is a team of individuals who are committed to succeeding together. We have the freedom to test and fail, yet have the empowerment to succeed. We have a standard of excellence in how we treat each other, as well as our performance. Everyone plays a part in the success of the company and serves as a valued member of the team, regardless of what position they hold. Office politics? What’s that? Favoritism? Nope. Across the board, including management and executive leadership, there is transparency, humility, and honesty. Our team succeeds because we have impeccable integrity. At the end of each day, we autograph our work with excellence.

A Product You Can Back and Be Proud Of:
Sharefaith offers premium web and app technology services and resources that churches and ministries around the world use every day. We always aim to make our products the best they can be with new innovations and beautiful, user-friendly design backed by first class support. Our aim has been to design, develop, and then bundle multiple products under one cost effective membership. This enables churches of any size to use our products. Why pay different companies for different things, when you can get it all at Sharefaith? One company, one bill, one support team. It’s a match made in heaven (no pun intended)!

A Team You’ll Admire:
Sharefaith encourages and fosters a warm, positive work environment where both management and employees genuinely care about each other. The needs of employees and their families are considered first when making decisions that affect the company which is why our leadership team is always transparent in communicating changes and expectations to the team, as a whole. We put people over profit. Always! The team admonishes each other to grow, exceed and be accountable, which creates a shared ownership mentality that is prevalent through all departments. We succeed together. There is no “I” in Sharefaith. Well, technically there is, but you get our point.

A Location That Restores The Work-Life Balance:
Do you bike, swim, fish, snowboard, ski, hike, dive, off road, shop, dance, eat, enjoy live music, opera, theater? Do you homeschool or enjoy quality public and private schools? If you do, you’ll think you died and went to heaven, because it’s all concentrated right here in Medford, Oregon.

Sharefaith is blessed to operate in a beautiful region with clear skies, beautiful forests, 4 actual seasons, and plenty of mountains. There are plenty of outdoor activities around the Rogue Valley and lots of shopping, restaurants, and entertainment to choose from, such as the Oregon Shakespeare Festival, Britt Festival, Craterian Theater, and much more.

A Job That Will Change You For the Good, Forever!:
At Sharefaith, you’ll face exciting new opportunities to grow and develop, as a professional and as a person, with the confidence and faith to succeed in every area of your vocation. The skills our employees develop in the workplace translate to the rest of their lives as well and give them a sense of accomplishment and fulfillment in their work.

What will you be doing?

Your leadership in UI/UX will strengthen our brand and product line, as it raises the bar to create a feel of excellence and quality throughout. You’ll study our website and all 6 of our products, listen to feedback from customers, follow world design and functionality trends and implement all the best UI/UX practices at Sharefaith. You’ll up the UI/UX standard on our site, our product apps and be the overall voice of reason and help our development team’s amazing products become amazing and stunning products. You’ll be the style side to our development team, quickly saving the day when you see an uncentered button, an unreadable font, or the occasional quick fix. Excellence will be your motto and beauty, simplicity and ease will be your guide. You’ll always work to make things better, easier, simpler and more beautiful.

Must haves...

An online design portfolio that demonstrates your UI/UX expertise. Please indicate what role you played in each project

Minimum of 4 years of experience in UI/UX design.

Strong wireframing skills, and knowledge of a wireframing application(s).

Strong design skills in Photoshop and other tools in the Adobe Creative Suite.

Strong design skills and understanding of color with excellent typography skills.

Solid understanding of responsive design and mobile app interface design.

Excellent communicator and visual storytelling that sees things from the user's perspective.

How will we measure your success?

Well, this is really simple! When our customers rave about our product ease, functionality and beauty, you’ll have done your job. When customer service tickets drop and fewer tutorials are needed because you found a simpler, easier and more beautiful way to accomplish a function, you’ll have done your job! When our products outrank any competitor in the church industry or secular, in terms of style, simplicity, and ease of use, you’ll have done a great job! All-in-all, when you’ve won the trust of the Sharefaith team, shown how your input dramatically scaled the level of excellence, you’ll have engraved a position at our company where you’ll have a bright, long and rewarding future. Guaranteed!

How will you be rewarded?

Compensation at Sharefaith is very competitive. More so, it’s amazing. With a strong base salary, dual merit bonus payouts and profit sharing every year, full medical, dental and vision coverage, up to 3 weeks paid vacation time, in addition to regular public holidays, partial life insurance, and even full disability, you know we look out for you and your family! Add to that our love of company eat outs, team-building events and a stunning office environment and decor, you’ll feel the reward every day you’re here.

How do you apply?

Write us a cover letter explaining and elaborating on the following:

Why do you want to be part of Sharefaith?

What about our mission statement appeals to you most?

Why would working with churches globally interest you?

Why would technology investment be a good thing for a church?

Name 3 blogs you follow online and why? Give the URLS

Name 3 examples (websites) of UI/UX excellence that blows your mind. (URLS)

What’s more important to you? Stability or career growth? Why?

What drives you nuts in a work culture or environment?

What motivates you to get up in the morning and give your best?

Are you easy to get along with? Why?

Are you a good communicator? How?

If there were 10 candidates applying for this position, why should we pick you?

After you’ve completed your cover letter with these 12 questions, do the following:

Include a full portfolio with links to projects you did UI/UX design with/on. List what part you played in each project.

Include an updated resume and work history.

Include professional 3 references (non-friends or family).

Your cover letter and resume MUST be in PDF form. No Word docs whatsoever.

APPLY by uploading your documents and application at this link: