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Pharmacist, Clinical Specialist (FT)

Location Johnson City, TN
Update 8 Day ago

The Clinical Pharmacy Specialist shall be responsible for the provision of clinical pharmacy services/pharmaceutical care as delineated by the service’s Scope of Care for the patients of the entity. This individual shall possess the personal characteristics necessary for successfully fulfilling his/her responsibilities. These characteristics include flexibility, attention to detail, initiative, cooperation, a willingness and ability to work with other clinical pharmacists, and a commitment to continuing education to upgrade his/her skills in a constantly developing profession. He/she should be knowledgeable about pharmaceutical preparations; drug therapy review and evaluation; drug information sources, retrieval and interpretation; medication use evaluation; adverse drug reaction reporting and evaluation; specialty area medicine; disease state management; and formulary management for adolescent, adult, and geriatric patient age groups served at the entity and possess capabilities to provide pharmaceutical care for these patient age groups. He/she will provide information about medication therapy in both formal and informal settings to healthcare providers, including physicians as well as patients and families. Services/skills shall include:

a. Evaluation of drug therapy orders and medication profiles, monitoring drug dosing and administration regimens, evaluation of adverse reactions and drug/drug interactions, and provision of drug and poison information, as well as recommendations on cost containment issues.

b. Specialized activities such as therapeutics, nutrition support formulations, cardio respiratory resuscitation therapeutics, and clinical research projects.

c. Regular participation on rounds with the appropriate team, provision of drug therapy-related education to specialty area team members, and participation in multidisciplinary quality activity committees.

d. Provision of input about policies and procedures related to safe and effective use of medication in specialty area(s), including development of evidence based protocols related to the safe use of medications.

e. Provide information/input for Clinical Coordinator as well as P&T and Clinical Committees regarding formulary status of specialty area therapeutic agents.

f. Precepting of pharmacy students, as well as pharmacy and medical residents.

g. Appropriate interactions with practitioners from various Colleges of Pharmacy’s.

He/She should manifest good communication and interactive skills, a positive outcome/results orientation and the ability to function successfully as part of unit based and/or multidisciplinary teams, as well as independently. He/she shall demonstrate leadership qualities and routinely serve as a role model, both intra and interdepartmentally.

He/she should model the Mountain States Health Alliance Mission, Vision and Values, and shall be committed, by personal actions/examples and leadership direction, to the unceasing improvement of care quality via the organization’s Performance Improvement Initiatives. This pharmacist shall also adhere to/serve as a role model as relates to compliance with regulatory body/agency mandates.

He/she will be knowledgeable about rationale and processes for accreditation and will participate in maintenance of continuous service readiness (CSR).

Access to patient information may be needed to fulfill the responsibilities of this role.

Adherence to Mountain States Health Alliance confidentiality policies and practices is required.

MSHA expects that every team member will role model Patient-Centered Care behaviors and be guided by MSHA’s Values and the Principles of Patient-Centered Care.

It is vital that an individual in this position be capable of good communication skills. It is of the utmost importance that written communication is legible.

MSHA expects all team members to support the VOS initiative by demonstrating awareness of the VOS system and effectively applying it to his/her work.

Job duties of this position may require access to protected patient information (PHI). The team member will be accountable for appropriate use of the record and compliance with all confidentiality and security policy and procedures related to use, access, and disclosure of PHI.


This position reports directly to the Mountain States Health Alliance Pharmacy Services Clinical Coordinator and indirectly to the entity Director of Pharmacy Services. The Clinical Pharmacy Specialist interacts across Mountain States Health Alliance with clinical pharmacists and specialists, Pharmacy Services Operations Manager as applicable, staff pharmacists, and technicians, Materials Managers, and the Pharmacy Services Administrative Assistant. As a member of the Specialty Area Consult Service, he/she will be subject to annual peer review by these team members, including related physicians.


The Clinical Pharmacy Specialist must be a graduate of a college of pharmacy accredited by the American Council for Pharmaceutical Education and hold current licensure by the appropriate state Board of Pharmacy. Education and training should include capabilities/competencies to provide pharmaceutical care for patients of age groups as delineated in position scope.

The Clinical Pharmacy Specialist shall have at least five (5) years of clinical pharmacy experience with a minimum of 2 years of specialty area experience OR have successfully completed a post graduate residency with a dedicated specialty area component. An advanced pharmacy degree with an applicable residency OR comparable experience (as delineated previously) accompanied by Board Certification in Pharmacotherapy shall be required. His/her clinical experience shall include, but not be limited to, clinical consultation/review, medication use evaluation for patients of related age groups, nutritional support, and pharmacokinetic dosing. ACLS designation must be attained and maintained.

Capabilities/knowledge must also be exhibited in the use of related information systems hardware/software. Previous experience/proficiency in the provision of education and training for pharmacy students and healthcare providers is needed.

This individual shall possess good communication skills and analytical and leadership abilities. He/She must demonstrate the ability to work closely with physicians and paramedical professions in a multidisciplinary setting.

Pharmacist shall possess abilities and knowledge to function on the Consult Service, collaborating professionally and effectively with team members (including physicians) regarding patient care needs and with a goal of positive, patient-oriented outcomes. This collaboration will include regular rounds with the Team for development of patient management plans.

Position Definition
Location and Work Requirements
Work Schedule: 8 AM to 5 PM
Shift: Day
On Call: No
Weekends: No
Travel Required: No Travel
Physical Requirements

Minimum Physical Requirements:
The Clinical Pharmacy Specialist may occasionally be required to lift light to medium weights. Additionally, this position requires considerable walking and the ability to stand for extended periods of time. This individual should have adequate visual and hearing acuity and must exhibit accuracy and attention to detail. The ability to successfully communicate both verbally and in writing is necessary.

Working Conditions:
The Clinical Pharmacy Specialist shall function out of the clinical pharmacy offices, in patient care areas, and in various team meetings. These settings and nature of the position require long and intense periods of concentration relating to patient care evaluation, drug regimen assessment, and disease state management. The position will require the individual to function in highly stressful situations for extended periods of time, and shall involve making potentially life and death decisions regarding medication therapy. This position will interact with Pharmacy Services staff, medical staff, patient care personnel (all disciplines), patients/families, visitors, administrative personnel and pharmaceutical (and related) vendors. High performance orientation with a team work focus is a necessity to drive effective intra and interdepartmental interactions and to achieve optimum patient outcomes.

Body Position Sitting: 26
Body Position Standing: 37
Body Position Other: 37
Work Station Height: 3
Lifted Height: 16
Lifted Width: 24
Lifted Depth: 18
Lifted Weight: 30
Level of Movement: Frequent (34-66% or 100-500 times/shift)
Level of Lifting: Light Medium (=< 35 pounds occasionally OR =< 20 pounds frequently)
Placement/Movement of Materials: Floor to waist, waist to floor. Material primarily transported on carts.
Lifting Floor to Waist Frequency: < 25% of shift
Lifting to Shoulders Frequency: < 25% of shift
Lifting Above to Shoulders Frequency: < 25% of shift
Repetitive Twisting Frequency: < 25% of shift
Climbing Number of Stairs Frequency: < 25% of shift
Pushing Frequency: < 25% of shift
Pulling Frequency: < 25% of shift
Carrying Frequency: < 25% of shift
Awkward Positions Frequency: < 25% of shift
Special Tools/Equipment Frequency: Not Part of Work
Unavoidable Hazards: Unavoidable hazards related to this position include handling of hazardous agents (medications), exposure to communicable diseases and/or blood and body fluids. Clinical Specialist can be exposed to sharp instruments during medication preparation in pati necessary. outcomes.