F-S Middle - Lead Custodian

Company Simpson County Schools
Location Franklin, KY
Update 8 Day ago

Any combination equivalent to high school diploma or G. E. D. Certificate or demonstrated progress toward obtaining a G. E. D. as required by Kentucky law, and demonstrated ability and experience in custodial related work; possess the necessary literacy skills to fulfill the performance responsibilities of the job; be in good health as evidenced by completion a physical examination.


Principal (or Designee) and Operations Manager


To work for the continuing cleanliness, orderliness, and safety of the school building; to assist in supervising other custodians in the building; to serve as a liaison between the building principal and custodians.


Comprehensive knowledge of modern public school buildings and the ability to apply this knowledge to the needs of the school district; knowledge of basic methods, materials, tools, and equipment used in custodial work and routine maintenance; knowledge of proper methods of storing equipment, materials, and supplies; knowledge of proper lifting techniques; ability to work a flexible schedule in order to meet the demands of the job; possess the necessary literacy skills to perform the required custodial program tasks in an efficient and effective manner; ability to communicate clearly; ability to understand and follow oral and written directions and meet schedules and time lines; ability to perform heavy physical labor; ability to use cleaning materials, equipment, and methods according to pre-determined standards; ability to develop effective working relationships with the entire school community; possess strength and dexterity necessary to perform all required tasks including moving and transporting equipment and supplies to places where work is to be performed which may involve walking, pushing, stooping, bending, lifting, standing for extended periods of time, working in tiring, uncomfortable positions, and from ladders, scaffolds, etc., and ability to work out-of-doors in uncomfortably warm, cold, or inclement weather.


-Cleans and buffs all assigned classrooms and halls, as well as vacuums carpeted areas after each school day, insuring that all floors are kept in a clean and attractive condition.

-If applicable, waxes all assigned rooms and halls on a regular basis as directed by the Principal/Operations Manager.

-Dusts office and classroom furniture on a regular basis as directed by the Principal/Operations Manager.

-Arranges classroom furniture in an orderly manner at the end of each school day after cleaning the floor.

-Cleans all chalkboards in assigned rooms on a regular basis as directed by the Principal/Operations Manager.

-Empties and cleans wastebaskets and trash containers daily.

-If applicable, cleans light fixtures on a regular basis as directed by the Principal/Operations Manager, and replaces burned-out lights as needed.

-If applicable, cleans and disinfects water fountains each day.

-If applicable, cleans and dusts lockers on a regular basis as directed by the Principal/Operations Manager.

-Keeps assigned restrooms hygienically clean daily by wet mopping floors with a disinfectant, cleaning all sinks and fixtures with a disinfectant, cleaning toilet seats and urinals with a disinfectant, using toilet deodorizers as necessary, and insuring that paper towels, toilet paper, soap, etc., are replenished as necessary; cleans mirrors and tile.

-If applicable, sweeps, wet mops with disinfectant, and buffs daily the multipurpose room.

-If applicable, washes windows, inside and outside, in assigned areas on a regular basis as directed by the Principal/Operations Manager; cleans blinds and woodwork on a regular basis.

-Efficiently and regularly operates cleaning machines, equipment, and tools, and stores all supplies, tools and equipment properly; maintains them in good working condition.

-Makes occasional minor building repairs including basic plumbing fixtures, broken tiles, etc.

-Cleans up after non-school related activities held at the school as directed by the Principal/Operations Manager.

-Moves furniture or equipment as required for various activities and as directed by the Principal/Operations Manager.

-Assembles furniture as directed by the Principal/Operations Manager.

-If applicable, puts tables up and down each day for lunch; takes garbage out after lunch and breakfast; sweeps and mops the cafeteria floor.

-Maintains and assists in the ordering of supplies.

-Picks up and rakes paper, trash, and debris around school grounds and in the school; sweeps and cleans walkways and entrances.

-Packs, unpacks, loads, receives, and stores books, supplies, materials, and other items.

-Reports safety, sanitary, and fire hazards to the Principal/Operations Manager; reports and recommends need for maintenance repairs to the Principal/Operations Manager.

-Maintains security of the building; reports suspicious or unauthorized individuals on campus.

-Shovels, plows, and sands walks and steps as directed by the Principal/Operations Manager.

-Responds to emergency cleanups such as spills, etc.; follows Blood-Borne Pathogen Training techniques of disposal.

-Maintains records of observed maintenance/repair needs and safety issues.

-Participates in any job or other training as required.

-Participates in major summer cleaning projects as assigned.

-Assists in training, inspecting and supervising other building custodians including work release and summer student workers.

-Serves as a liaison between the building custodians and the Principal/Operations Manager.

-Performs related duties and assumes other responsibilities as may be assigned by the Superintendent, the Operations Manager, and the Principal.


1. Check the frequency and number of hours a day the worker is required to do the following specific types of activities:







2 3 4 5 6




a. Sitting


b. Walking


c. Standing


d. Bending


e. Squatting


f. Climbing


g. Kneeling


h. Twisting


i. Lifting



______ 0-10 lbs. ______ 11-15 lbs. _______ 16-30 lbs. _______ 31-49 lbs. _ X ____ over 50 lbs.

2a. HAND MANIPULATION REQUIRED? __ X _____ Yes (If yes, complete 2a,2b,2c,2d,2e)

_______ No

2b. Repetitive hand movements? _______ Yes _ X _______ No

2c. Simple Grasping?

Right Hand

Yes__ X ___ No_____

Left Hand

Yes_ X ____ No_____

2d. Power Grasping?

Right Hand

Yes__ X ___ No_____

Left Hand

Yes_ X ____ No_____

2e. Pushing Pulling?

Right Hand

Yes__ X ___ No_____

Left Hand

Yes_ X ____ No_____

2f. Fine Manipulation:

Right Hand

Yes__ X ___ No_____

Left Hand

Yes_ X _____ No_____

3. (a) Does the job require worker to reach or work above the shoulder? _ X ___ Yes _____ No

Frequency? __ high _______

(b) Reaching at or below shoulder level? __ X ___ Yes _____ No

Frequency? __ high _______

4. Does the job require use of his/her feet to operate foot controls or repetitive movement? _ X _ Yes ____ No

5. Are there special visual or auditory requirements? ______ Yes _______ No

If yes, please describe (i.e. working with computer terminal):


  • Does the employee work near moving mechanical parts; in high, precarious places; and in outside weather conditions? __ X ____ Yes ________ No
  • Is the employee exposed to fumes or airborne particles? __ X __ Yes _______ No
  • If yes, please specify: fumes from boiler gas or kitchen gas appliances

    BLOOD/FLUID EXPOSURE RISK: (check the right category)

    ______ Category I: Tasks involve exposure to blood, fluid, or tissue

    ___ X ___ Category II: Usual tasks do not involve exposure to blood, body fluid, or tissues but job may require performing unplanned Category I tasks.

    ______ Category III: Tasks involve no exposure to blood, body fluids, or tissues. Category I tasks are not a condition of employment.