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To create the company perspective and quest will come accurate; Jefferson County Public Schools is actually open regarding new location seeing that Position as GEORGE UNSELD LEARNING CENTER EARLY CHILDHOOD ECE Instructional Assistant Companies Jefferson County Public Schools in Jefferson County, KY in January 2018 throughout Jefferson County, KY begin from January 2018. All people who's keen on filling this kind of vacant, make sure you be involved in that Position as GEORGE UNSELD LEARNING CENTER EARLY CHILDHOOD ECE Instructional Assistant Companies Jefferson County Public Schools in Jefferson County, KY in January 2018 January 2018 recruitment in Jefferson County, KY. It truly is recommended for all members to ready almost all needed requirements just for this work recruitment process, since the procedure will require you to definitely supply suited options that this corporation wants for this position. If you feel that you will be this can fill the specs, you can attempt to learn to read more information about Position as GEORGE UNSELD LEARNING CENTER EARLY CHILDHOOD ECE Instructional Assistant Companies Jefferson County Public Schools in Jefferson County, KY in January 2018 January 2018 in Jefferson County, KY below.



Company Jefferson County Public Schools
Location Jefferson County, KY
Update 8 Day ago
Job Description

Accepting applications from:

JCPS Substitutes
Internal applicants who are not current JCPS Full-Time ECE Instructional Assistants
External applicants who would be new to JCPS
Returning Applicants

A message for current JCPS Full-Time ECE Instructional Assistants
Applications from current JCPS employees already in full-time ECE Instructional Assistant positions will not be accepted. Current ECE Assistants will use the transfer process to move to lateral positions for the 2018/19 School Year which is open annually March-April.

Information regarding starting JCPS Full-Time employment
An Initial 90-Working Day Probationary period for New Hires requires daily attendance. Health Insurance Selections begin the first day of the second full month of full-time employment. Upon completion 90-Working Day period the full balance of 10 paid Sick days, 3 paid Personal days and 2 Emergency days are deposited for use. Sick and Personal Leave balances roll and add for each year of continued full-time employment. Applicants who receive and accept a Job Offer for Instructional positions participate in a mandatory escrow Payroll system to provide consistent pay for the calendar year even though they only work the school calendar. For information in Understanding Escrow Pay view this link: http:// Escrow Pay for Hourly Employees.pdf .
Current JCPS full-time employees who compete and are reassigned from other Job Descriptions will serve a 90-day Reassignment Probation (leave balances remain available) to assess and assure successful performance.

Information regarding Exceptional Child Education (ECE) classrooms
Exceptional Child Education programs are designed to meet the needs of the student whose approach to learning is different from that of his/her peers. The school District is committed to providing a high-quality education for the student with disabilities. A variety of programs, techniques, methods, and materials are available and utilized for individualized instruction. Exceptional Child Education programs are provided to students with disabilities in Comprehensive and special education programs facilities/agencies. Assignments could include students with Moderate to Severe Disabilities (MSD), Mild Mental Disabilities (MMD), Other Health Impairments (OHI), Emotional Behavioral Disabilities (EBD), Autism (AUT), Visual Impairment (VI), Hearing Impairment (HI), Learning Disabilities (LD), Social Communication or a combination of each area. Changes in assignment or ECE designation could occur during a school year due to student and classroom needs or could occur between school years when ECE allocations are reviewed.

Minimum Qualifications:
  • High school diploma or G.E.D.; Passing score on the Kentucky Para-educator Assessment or 48 semester college hours
  • Willingness and aptitude to work with students with disabilities
  • Physical ability and willingness to assist with physical needs of students such as walking, positioning, toileting and lifting
  • Attending district ECE in-service for professional growth is required
  • Participate in Safe-Crisis Management Certification.
If your highest education is High School or GED you must take and pass the Kentucky Paraeducational Assessment Exam . The exam is free and you have three chances to obtain a passing score. Click KPA Study Guide
to review the Kentucky Paraeducational Assessment Study Guide.

Desirable Qualifications:
  • Associate/Bachelor/Master's Degree
Applicants with transcripts obtained outside the U.S. will need to contact an approved agency from the following list in order to be considered an active candidate: Please click here

New and returning applicants and all JCPS employees may express interest in as many full-time positions as desired. Additonally, if you would like to start quickly at JCPS to gain experience and begin your classroom career consider also applying for a Substitute Instructional Positions.