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Administrative Assistant

Company Securly
Location San Jose, CA 95113
Update 8 Day ago
The Internet has connected us all through our universal love of cat videos and ill-advised pranks. At the same time, it has a dark and unseemly side of exploitation and vitriol. That said, if you could help transform the Internet to make it kid-friendly, would you? If so, we should talk. We’re Securly and we’re making the Internet safer.

Because we’re a startup, we consist of a compelling crew with a sense of adventure. We believe that searching for the buried treasure is just as cool as finding it. But sometimes we forget where we left the shovels, or someone spills coffee on the treasure map (we know it was you, Pegleg Gary!), and so many other small fires need to be put out. That’s why we need you.

Dr. Watson, R2-D2, Samwise, Hermione. Without them, would we even be talking about their more famous counterparts? We don’t think so...and neither do you. Organization, communication, efficiency are just part of who you are. At the same time, you get a rush from juggling duties on a moment’s notice.

Who We Want:
  • A rule follower that loves to improvise
  • You love to wear different hats (the risk of severe hat hair be damned!)
  • You can plan a party, onboard a new hire, and do AP in the same hour

  • 2 + years of administrative support
  • 1+ years experience supporting VP or C-level executives
  • 1+ years of with light HR administration (filling out I9s and onboarding paperwork)
  • 1+ years experience in a start up or fast paced dynamic environment
  • Possess a pleasant attitude and the ability to change pace and get along with people
  • Active and/or passive participation in things like foosball, playing music, and cocktails on Friday
About Us:
If a ground-breaking company, thoughtful leadership, and room for growth are appealing, Securly just might be the place for you. There are no cubicle walls, every opinion matters, and the executives are your peers. We’re well-funded, ambitious, and determined. The one thing missing is you.