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To help to make the corporation vision along with vision comes true; City of Las Vegas is usually wide open intended for brand new situation while Position as Corrections Officer Companies City of Las Vegas in City of Las Vegas, NV in January 2018 inside City of Las Vegas, NV begin with January 2018. Everyone who's interested in stuffing that empty, make sure you participate in this specific Position as Corrections Officer Companies City of Las Vegas in City of Las Vegas, NV in January 2018 January 2018 recruitment inside City of Las Vegas, NV. It truly is recommended for everyone contributors to prepare most needed needs just for this career recruitment course of action, for the reason that method need that you offer suitable standards which the business wishes just for this situation. If you're that you're this could fill this standards, you can test you just read more info about Position as Corrections Officer Companies City of Las Vegas in City of Las Vegas, NV in January 2018 January 2018 in City of Las Vegas, NV below.


Corrections Officer

Company City of Las Vegas
Location City of Las Vegas, NV
Update 7 Day ago

Ron Prewitt

Las Vegas City Hall
Council Chambers, 2nd Floor
495 S. Main Street, 89101
5pm - 7pm (October 12th and 24th)
5pm - 7pm (November 16th)
Parking: City Hall Garage, 500 S. Main Street (2-hour validation at the seminar)

You MUST complete a City of Las Vegas online application by the posted closing date and time. See GREEN APPLY button at the top of this page.

You MUST self-schedule and take the CORRECTIONS test with National Testing Network by December 5, 2017 . You must score 70% or higher on the Video Section.To schedule your test, select City of Las Vegas under Nevada. We will NOT contact you about taking the test. You should schedule and take the test on your own before the testing deadline. Link to National Testing Network Home Page . If you have any questions about testing with National Testing Network you should contact a representative at (866) 563-3882.

You will only be invited to the Physical Agility Test if you have (1) submitted a complete City of Las Vegas employment application by the filing deadline, (2) met the minimum qualifications for the position, and (3) passed the CORRECTIONS test through the National Testing Network with a score of 70% or higher on the video portion of the test.
The physical agility test will be held on January 17th & 18th, 2018
Those invited to the physical agility test will receive an email by mid-December.

The Nevada Administrative Code Section 289.200 sets the physical fitness standards required for a law enforcement recruit. These standards must be achieved to successfully complete an academy. The City of Las Vegas uses these standards to test applicants for the position of Corrections Officer. This is a PASS or FAIL test. Failing any one of the standards is considered a failure for the entire test.

Visit to learn more about the POST requirements, or watch the video .

City of Las Vegas Testing Standards:
Vertical Jump - 15 inches
Agility Run – 19.5 seconds
Sit Ups – 30 qualifying sit-ups in 60 seconds
Push Ups – 23 qualifying push-ups (no time limit; but any rest is in the up position)
300 Meter Run – 68 seconds
1.5 Mile Run – 16 minutes, 57 seconds

Applicants who pass the physical agility test will undergo a thorough criminal background investigation which will include a background interview. Backgrounds will be ongoing during the months of February, March, and April.
Candidates should expect a very competitive background process with only a percentage of candidates moving forward to polygraphs.

The polygraph is by invitation only . Completing the background interview DOES NOT guarantee that you will move on to the polygraph. A polygraph, popularly referred to as a lie detector, measures and records several physiological indices such as blood pressure, pulse, respiration, and skin conductivity while the candidate is asked and answers a series of questions. If you are scheduled for a polygraph, you will be contacted by our Internal Affairs Division.

The Psychological Suitability Assessment is by invitation only and begins with a written psychological assessment. The written assessment typically takes 4-5 hours to complete. Before leaving the test site applicants are scheduled for a 30 minute interview with the psychologist for some time that week. Every effort will be made to schedule the interview the day after the exam for out of state applicants. Applicants should prepare to be flexible with their calendar for the days following the written assessment to accommodate the interview. The Psychological Suitability Assessment will be in May 2018 .

Candidates who are selected to take the Psychological Suitability Assessment will be considered for selection at the Command Hiring Meeting which is tentatively scheduled for the month of June 2018. Academy selections are very competitive and based on candidate overall background evaluations and the number of vacancies at that time. There are always more qualified candidates than we have vacancies.

Any individual offered employment will be required to pass a (1) pre-academy physical agility test, (2) hair drug test, (3) fingerprint background check, (4) medical fitness examination, (5) and education & employment verification.

See Job Description

Experience. One year of work experience (does NOT have to be law enforcement).
Education. High school diploma or equivalent to graduation from high school date of application.
License. Appropriate valid driver's license date of application and maintenance thereafter.
Age. Be at least 21 years of age at the time of job offer.
Citizenship. Be a United States citizen at time of job offer.

Review the Job Description for More Details

Special to this classification pursuant to NAC 289.110
Have no conviction of a felony in the state of Nevada, or any offense which would be considered a felony if committed in the state of Nevada.
Have no conviction of any crime for which you were required to register and/or a misdemeanor crime of domestic violence including use or attempted use of physical force.
Have no conviction of unlawful use, sale, or possession of a control substance.

Department Hiring Standards
No convictions with the past 12 months, including DUI.
Drug use (including marijuana and steroids) may be disqualifying.
Two or more alcohol related incidents in the past 48 months is disqualifying.
Suspensions, revocations or cancelations of driver's license within the last three years will be reviewed on an individual basis.
Separation from any branch of the United States Armed Forces under less than "honorable" conditions, or separation honorably from the Armed Forces for reasons of unsuitability or misconduct is disqualifying.
Any active warrant at the time of background interview is disqualifying.
Decertification from any law enforcement agency is disqualifying.
Termination for cause by another criminal justice agency is disqualifying.
Any misrepresentations, either intentionally or unintentionally, will be grounds for disqualification.

Department Personal Appearance Standards (Including Tattoos & Branding)
While on duty, and/or representing the City of Las Vegas, uniformed or otherwise, all department employees will be neat and clean in their appearance in public.
Employees are prohibited from attaching, affixing, or displaying objects, articles or jewelry on or through the nose, tongue, eyebrow, or other exposed body part, except females are allowed one post or stud earring per ear, while on duty.
All employees are prohibited from stretching or "gauging" their earlobes.
Any jewelry implants will not be exposed or visible while on duty.
Tattoos or branding will not be exposed or visible while on duty and/or representing the City of Las Vegas or the Department. Such markings must be covered by clothing and may NOT be covered by make-up or bandages.
Tattoos or branding anywhere on the body that promote racism/discrimination, indecency, extremist or supremacist philosophies, lawlessness, violence, or contain sexually explicit material are prohibited.

Complete list of Department Hiring Standards

See Job Description